Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Author's Note

I wrote this thesis for the American Studies Department at Wesleyan University in 1996.

I have posted the entire thesis here, but for a better reading experience, you can also access the thesis on Scribd at this link.  

I recommend the PDF version at Scribd, as the footnotes have been corrupted in the version posted here at Blogger, and it is easier to read in a printable PDF.

I hope you find it as interesting to read as it was to write.

- Samuel Asher Effron


Christian R said...

Hi. I've read some of your thesis and find it very good. I'm planning on writing a similar thesis, is there any chance you can upload a pdf (I'm not very good at screen-reading)? I would also like to see your bibliography.



Fidbert from Hell said...

I was just about to ask the same question, I'm writing a master thesis on the construction of America in Watchmen. Is there any way you could make this available as a PDF? Would be very much obliged.


Rizqi said...

i also want to ask about the same question... i am taking a bachelor degree of American Studies in Indonesia. i'd write a thesis upon watchmen the film version. however, i find it extremely difficult to get, as u call it, academic books about comic or superhero. so, repeating the same question, do you mind publishing this article in PDF?

best regard,

Sam Shyne said...

Hi guys - sorry for the incredibly delayed response - I do not check this site often. I have uploaded a PDF version to Scribd if you are still interested in reading it there.